Friday, July 16, 2010

I Need Some Motivation

Yesterday and today I did make my bed. Yesterday I also emptied the dishwasher and cleared the clutter of papers from my paper basket, my end table and my computer desk. After that, it wasn't much progress in the straightening of the house.  I ran around getting errands done for the trip and preparing for my daughter's birthday party. Before every birthday I try to update the scrapbooks for people to browse through for fun while the kids are getting entertained. You really don't know how much your kids grow until you see pictures.

I got up this morning and really didn't have much motivation to do anything except that I needed to use the bathroom. It makes me think what kinds of things would motivate me to really do things in the morning? Sometimes I get up just because my dog needs let out or I have to go to work, the kids need something or it might be the fact that something smells horrible.  I would say the thing that motivates me the most right now would be my kids. I try to teach them to do most things on their own but my son is only 3 so he needs help.  I keep the milk on the top shelf of the frig so even my 6 year old can't reach that on her own.  When I get up to do things for the kids, I end up picking up garbage off the floor or emptying the dishwasher. I worry that when they are able to take care of themselves what will be my motivation? I think I need to start finding it now.

I will be gone until at least Monday, so until then..............

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