Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Black hole

So yesterday I was feeling good. Then the kids left. I feel saddened and a little panicky because it wasn't time for work yet so nothing to take my mind off of the kids. I decided to jump in the shower and head to the library. As soon as I was half way there I realized that I forgot my purse. My plan was to go from the library to work so I had my lunch and my gym bag full of books, but no purse. So I had to turn around and go home.

So I should have taken the chance to vacuum but I didn't. I then remembered that I need to plan my daughter's birthday party,  so I booked a shelter and emailed some e-vites.  I am having it during the week which I thought would be better since it is summer and a lot of people go out of town.

Today I have:

made my bed

did the one dish soaking in the sink

vacuum and tried to clean the carpet:

This is my dining area, the left is nail polish stain, and the right is just a black mystery stain. I used the bissel carpet cleaner which didn't help much. The nail polish I used non acetone nail polish remover, then got board and cut it out. The black hole is still drying. I hope to get rid of this carpet next year and re polish the hard wood underneath.

I also cleaned the odds and ends out of the bedrooms and worked on a corner of the laundry room.

I have need a space for extra supplies like the Dugger family has a store in their house.

I found this box from  moving and inside it was 2 items packed in bubble wrap. So I decided since I bought this frog I should use it and stop hiding it away afraid it will get broken or stolen. So now it is in my garden jungle in the front yard. I'm sure it cost me around $5 5 years ago, and have never used it.

So here is the end result. Most went to the garage since it was tools.

Someday I will get to the other side.

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