Monday, July 12, 2010

Fallen Behind

Yesterday I got up and started making some of the meals that I had planned for the weekend. I started the Mexican pork in the crock pot, put brownies in the oven to bring along to my friends house later that day, and started the sesame chicken. It turns out that I didn't have enough soy sauce for the chicken so I will have to finish that today.  Soon enough it was time to get my son's t-ball pictures retaken, so we took off for the next suburb over. When we got there 15 minutes later I realized I left his glove for his game at the house. Since my sister lives there I was able to get into her house (she just happened to be near my house at the time, shopping at the mall) to get him a glove.  After his last game of the season, we scooted off to my friends house to see her 2 month baby and go swimming in her pool.  After a couple hours of fun we headed home.

I don't know if it was all the driving or the fresh air or frustration that exhausted me. No one seemed to want to eat dinner except me and my son. Then I realized Big Brother 12 was on in less than half an hour and I wanted to see if I could get any reception. Got that working after I found the remote and a half broken antennae.  All I could do was lie down after all this and think of all the things I still needed to do. I thought maybe if I could take a power nap then I would get up and finish my kaboose list.  But my husband decided he needed to go see a friend who got a promotion, and my kids wanted to fight right next to me, so I wasn't able to nap.

I did make my bed and empty and reload most of the dishwasher. I also packed my kids and washed some clothes.

So I woke up this morning to somewhat of a mess. The crock pot was still full of juices I was letting cool:
So I sat down for a few minutes to read A Slob Comes Clean. I am still catching up on her older post.  It motivated me to decided I better get up and do the dishes that were mocking me and it wasn't so bad. Took less than 5 minutes to empty and clean the crock pot and put a few dishes in the dishwasher.

I dumped the liquid into 2 plastic bags before tying them up, and put them in the trash to throw out the whole garbage so the dog doesn't get into it again. Sorry the pictures are blurry, I was in a hurry. Then I cleaned off the dining room table and I feel so much better. Now I am trying to figure out what to do since the kids are leaving with my mom today for camping. I will have to work 8 hour days today through Wednesday, but Thursday is a whole day off and Friday my sister and I will leave to join the family at the family reunion over 10 hours away.

So I'm feeling somewhat optimistic for this week. I'm going to try to find some extra money and put a rubber band around by wrist to snap when I feel the urge to spend. I heard Dr Joy Browne tell someone to do this for smoking so I think maybe it could work for my spending habit.  I do feel good because yesterday I remember my friends birthday was coming up and my first thought was to run to Walmart for a cookie cake, and then I started to think of other things I could buy while I was there. I resisted that urge and made the brownies. It's amazing that I have a huge brownie box with 5 easy to make pouches of mix sitting in my cupboard from Costco, and I still 1st think of going out to buy something. 

OK, now I'm off and running.

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