Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Christmas Overspending

So I was reading with her post about "how do you track your money." There were more then a few people commenting about overspending at Christmas, mostly do to keeping up with your relatives.

I work at a retail store and cannot tell you how many ungrateful people love to return your gifts. First of all if you do give them a gift receipt, they will want cash back. It clearly states you will get a gift card (because we do not know how you paid for it in the first place). It would be a great scam to steal some one's credit card, use it, get a gift receipt and then return it for cash. If they don't have a receipt they get a store credit for the price we would resell it for. I have had people try to argue with us on not wanting a store credit. I have always wanted to say: "Why don't you stop being so ungrateful? Someone was nice enough to try and give you something you might like. If you don't want it or the store credit, give the item back to that person. Then they will stop overspending on your ungrateful a$$, or find some other way to appease you because they might like you but I sure don't right now."

I had a mother in with her daughter returning clothes that they received for her daughter's birthday. She proceeded to say that she hates our store and couldn't believe we wouldn't give her cash back. Then she told her daughter that she has to spend the money at this crappy store because they have no choice. What a way to show  your child to be ungrateful and throw a fit to try and get your way. Mom of the year.

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