Friday, July 30, 2010

Focus Check Friday- High School Reunion Prep

So I should have exercised more this week but I did do 3 days. Wed I worked 10 hours, Thursday I ran around getting my daughter's party ready and today I've been trying to clean and had to go to work. I have 21 days to the rummage sale. I have to work every Saturday until then, I have my high school reunion this weekend, my son has camp next week, dentist appointment for the kids on Monday, and we are going to the state fair my usual day off before the rummage sale. I would like to mark some items and bring them that way when I go to the reunion, just so my sister know I have been looking for items. I have also decided to serious look into going back to school. I am tired of working night and weekends. I have been working retail since I was 16 and it hasn't gotten any better.  I do have Wednesday and Thursday off this week, so two days to focus on the rummage and cleaning.  I also need to decide what I'm going to wear, get my eyebrows waxed, and find some makeup since I seem to be allergic to the ones I have tried recently.  This is a rambling post, but I had to get this all out of my head. Time for me to focus.

I'm linking this up to A Slob Comes Clean "Focus Check Friday".

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