Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wow, What a Day! Planning a Kids Birthday Party

It was my day off today, but I sure didn't rest very much.  It was my daughter's 7th birthday party tonight.  Her real birthday is on Saturday, but since I work I thought it might be a good night to have a party.  Everyone is so busy on the weekends especially in the summer.  I started out shopping at about 12:30pm and stopped at 4:00pm. I set a budget of $100 for her birthday.

Here is the breakdown:
park shelter rental: $20 (cheaper since it was a weekday)
present: $27.64
decorations: $49.99
craft: $24.99
food: $82.69
misc: $24.29
Total: $229.60

Now we still have plenty of food leftover which you can't really prepare for, but I did buy it at Costco so I could have just gone to Aldi and picked up the cheap hot dogs.  In the misc is charcoal for the cooking at the park and afterwards my husband said we could have cooked them at home and brought them. Doh! Why didn't I think of that? The other misc amount is also for camera batteries, my camera seems to be sucking the life out of batteries lately because I just replaced them a couple weeks ago.  I should have just skipped the craft because after hours of deciding what for them to make, they were more interested in playing on the playground equipment anyways.  I am going to return $5.44 of decorations. This category included my cups, plates, and utensils. I ended up getting juice boxes so I didn't need cups. I think I could have just gotten table cloths, which only cost me $2.99 each, but next year I will just go to the dollar store. It was a little windy for balloons, and streamers anyways. I should have made some decorations at home. I went to Hobby Lobby this year because I needed scrapbook supplies, and didn't have too much time.  My mom and my sister bought face paint which we should have waited till the end because a lot of the kids ran around and got it on their arms and clothes, but its washable.  They do love the pinata so that is a keeper. I didn't include this in my total because I had a stuffed one from my son's party that we never used.  I really learned my lesson and could have been more dedicated to sticking to my budget.  When you are just rushing around and buying it is hard to keep a balance, then I also sent my husband to the store while I set up for things that I had forgotten.  All and all, it was the perfect night for an outdoor party and the kids had a lot of fun. It is best to have as many adults as you can get. It was my husband and I, along with my sister and her husband help watch kids and coordinating all the party.  I first let them play and get their face painted while we cooked, then we took a group picture, did the craft, pinata, cake, opened presents and played till the parents picked them up.  Clean up was quick and easy.  I didn't get a chance to eat at the party, so I also recommend if you are the adult host to eat ahead of time.  When it comes to kids parties I think it is best to not over think it, because kids have an easy time having fun.

Here is my list of items for a kid's birthday party at the park, edit to your hearts desire:

hot dogs (will need charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, tongs, tin foil and serving platter if cooking at the park, or a crock pot with water would work too if shelter has electricity, or cook at home and wrap in aluminum foil)
ketchup, mustard, etc.
juice boxes
bottled water
ice for cooler
candles for cake
Happy Birthday Banner
table cloths
plates, napkins, and forks
masking or clear tape (for taping down table cloths and decorations)
batteries for camera
sanitizing gel
bat or stick (for beating pinata
plastic cloth (for beneath pinata)
rope (for pinata)
game and/or supplies
bug repellent
lighter for candles
treat bags
first aide kit
list of parents phone number who leave
pen and paper for writing down gifts given
helpful adults
baby wipes

Did I forgot anything? I hope this might help someone plan ahead for their party.

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