Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mom's Play Room

So to get ready for the rummage I also need to go through my own playroom of junk I have collected.
Here is before:

After hours of hard work rearranging, here it is:

Everything to the left wall is all my mom's stuff which I hope she will remove. She was staying with us for over a year and collected a lot of crafty things (which she probably has at home already).

Everything on the bed and in the blue tote need to be sorted and hopefully put in the rummage or in a thoughtful place. The shelving unit has my art/craft and sewing supplies.

This is a closet shot. I have a shelf to the left with misc things. There is a box with all my office supplies with tons of notebooks, thank you cards and envelopes. There are clear totes with mementos from my daughters school projects and more binders from college days.  The right side shelf has mostly my scrapbooks and my supplies for scrap booking. The gray tote at the top is paperwork I need and a box of shoes I don't feel like parting with. Still more work to be done.  Twenty-four days until the rummage sale. When this room is done I hope to add a TV and DVD player with some foam mats for a nice work out space.

I'm going to link this up for a Tackle It Tuesday at 5minutesformom.com. 


  1. Great start!

    just found your blog. now following to encourage you on. I'm on a journey to get my house in order too.

  2. Thanks, I need all the help I can get.