Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank Goodness It's Over

 Today I put all the laundry put away, mowed the lawn, cleaned the microwave, moped the floors, cleaned the bathrooms, made my bed, washed out the garbage can, and swept off the steps to the basement. I will have to work on the budget and plan meals tomorrow.  I was exhausted after all the housework that I just wanted to sit down for the rest of the day, but we were out of milk. So I ran to Costco and my husband added somethings to the list. I ended up spending $112! I guess I will have to just wax my eyebrows at home.

I also bought my daughter and myself a drink at the gas station for less than $2, since we drove out to the fairgrounds tonight to set up her 4-H booth. I asked another mom if anyone had volunteered to be next years leader yet, but between the 2 other sets of parents to be leaders, she said her and the others are just willing to help out. So this leaves no one to continue on this group! I will have to call the council and see how many groups are in this area to join.  The one I'm in now is in the neighboring town so there can't be too many out there. I don't feel like I'm that organized of a person to be able to lead a group of K-3.  I have helped some at Daisy Scouts as Cookie Mom and dabbled in volunteering at the school, but I get overwhelmed and look forward to the end of these task.  4-H would be year round except for August. Yes it's only once a month meetings, but I would need to plan ahead and budget. I also have a job where I have to work weekends which interferes a lot with family life as it stands already.  This life thing is hard.

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