Saturday, April 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 4/17-4/30

I took last week off to try and use some items out of the cupboard and fridge/freezer.  I am going to try to pair down my menus a little to conserve some money.  With the kids getting out of school soon, so starts summer sports and travel.  I also think we need a new grill, so that would be another expense.  Here goes:

Sunday 4/17- Cuban Chicken Salad
Monday 4/18- Tacos (taco seasoning)
Tuesday 4/19- black beans and yellow rice
Wednesday 4/20- easy baked ziti
Thursday 4/21- mac and cheese from a box
Friday 4/22- sloppy Joes and corn
Saturday 4/23- baked creamy chicken taquitos

I'm so busy this week it looks like all I have time to plan is for one week.

I will add that I'm making these sugar cookie fruit pizzas for a going away/potluck party on Friday.

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