Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Today I needed to get milk, so I did go to Aldi's.  I wanted to spend $10, but by the time I was rounding the 1st corner I was already nearing that amount.  I ended up spending$17.85:
Chicken nuggets $3.89
2 12" pizzas $4.58
Apple juice $1.49
Skim milk $2.79
Toilet paper $1.29
Bleach $.99
Cereal $1.49
Tortillas $1.19
plus tax $.14

I also purchased some items at
10' USB printer cable $5.17
(It was this or buy a $50 wireless thingy, I was getting tired of carrying my printer around with my laptop)
Math Workbook $2.45
(I'm sure there is going to be bribery involved to get my daughter to work on this)

So with my $5 kettle corn from Sunday, my total is $30.47 for the week, which is only $7.62/day.  Not too bad, but the weekend is usually what gets me over budget.  I have a three day weekend, plus my husband works the whole time, and with me toting the kids around it adds up a lot.  This weekend we have my parents coming into town, my son't t-ball game on Saturday, and free yoga on Sunday.  I do need to put a down payment on my daughter's birthday party, but I'm going to exclude that and use the $100 I got from selling some old rims I had in the garage.  I have been holding onto this money for about a month, just trying to figure out what to do with it.  If I can last till Saturday without spending any money, then I will have $39.53 to spend.  If I do have overage I plan to put it toward the next week, so I have cushion when I need it.

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