Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vending Machine- The reverse ATM

Today I was at work and since I didn't have breakfast I decided to get something from the vending machine.  This reminded me that I also bought somethings on Wednesday, that I forgot to log into my spending.  Mindless spending, what an easy way to not know where your money goes!

So I need to deduct $2.60 from my weekly budget.

I have spent $33.07.  $36.93 still left.  I could really use a pop right now.  I would have spent more money today, but I'm so exhausted and I'm watching my sister's three kids.  Taking five kids out to get one pop is not appealing to me.  I think they will also dissuade me from shopping very much if at all on Friday, since it don't want to take them all out, or feel the need to spend any money on them.  Not that I don't love them all, but the $36 will be gone before I would be able to say "No way Jose!"

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