Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Exhaustion

Okay, not much to do with summer, but I think I'm funny sometimes.
Summer is starting to takes it's toll on me.  It was a hot day, but didn't get above 90 which is good.  There is talk about a storm coming soon.  I wanted to go to Aldi's today because we are short on toilet paper and milk, but I just wasn't in the mood.  ( Crazy,I know, me skip out on a good excuse to spend money).  My husband had a meeting today so I had to drive out to my sister's house to pick up the kids.  When we got home I heated up some leftovers and cut up some more watermelon.  The summer sucks my energy and appetite so I just plan on using what is around here at the spur of the moment for meals.  I did bike to the library with the kids today so I didn't totally crash on the couch.

So my challenge to myself to stick to the list just wasn't working.  I'm a sucker when it comes to my kids and buying them things.  Most of the time I take my kids with me shopping because my husband is at work or I just feel the need to enjoy the little time when have together.  I know soon they will be teenagers and will be avoiding me at all cost.  I swear sometimes I black out when we are together.  My son was being a little hell raiser Saturday when we were running errands.  I was trying not to spend money, but when I'm out and already near shops I like to go around and look anyways ( I guess just to torture myself ?!?).  So I was swearing in my head that I wasn't going to buy him anything, yet he really wanted me to go back to the party store for a $20 green lantern costume.  Then we got to Joann Fabrics, I saw my sister there shopping, so we starting looking around together.  We wandered into the summer clearance section which was 70% off.  There areas are like my kryptonite.  They had a kid's rake on clearance for around $3, and I have been wanting to get some so my kids could help in the fall.  Before I knew it I was loading the kid and the rake into the care, thinking "What happen?"

So I found a new inspirational blog: $12 a day
We aren't in the same situations, but she would like to spend $10 a day and save $2 for future purchases.  My budget ( I use that term loosely because is it really a budget if you never stick to it?) for grocery shopping is $70, which would be $10 a day.  I have 4 people to feed, which isn't too hard to feed for $10 a day but I always end up buying non food items.  So far this week I have spent $5 on kettle corn at the fireworks show.  I have even been places this week and have not spent money, which is a big deal for me.  I have also a few rewards at work: $5 off a $10 purchase and $10 off a $10 purchase, plus I still get my employee discount.  I think I am going to buy some curtains for my son's room.  They are black with tabs on the top, and I want to put some kind of batman symbol on them and do his room that way.  If I can do it so it is removable, they will work for when he is older, which could save me money in the future.  They are on clearance for $8 each, so I think I can handle that this week.  My nieces and nephew also are staying with us on Thurs and Friday, so I have to plan on their eating too.  I'm confident I can do this this week, as we do have a good supply of food in the freezer.  Only time will tell.

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