Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weekly Laundry

I went back through my blog and couldn't find any mention of how I'm currently getting laundry done weekly.  It could be there somewhere, but I'll share again because it's still working.

I have labeled a laundry basket for each person in the house.  I then I have one small basket upstairs to hold dirty laundry and one bigger one downstairs for overflow and moving clothes from the washer to dryer.  When I empty the dryer I sort the clothes into their basket and fold the towels on to the wire rack.  One of my daughter's weekly chores is to put her clothes away.  I put clothes away once a week, and during the week the clothes are piled up in the baskets, so they can be easily found if we need to re-wear something during the week.

Everyone's dresser is different since we all have different amounts of items.  I store out of season clothes under my bed, and I also have a single plastic drawer in my closet for swimsuits, winter gloves and hats, short socks, and dress up socks.  In my dresser my drawers are sorted as follows: shirts for bed and lounge; underwear and socks; sleeping bottoms; more fashionable shirts; shorts, tanks and capris; sweaters and long sleeve shirts; and pants.  My son's dresser is as follows: underwear, socks, and swimwear; short sleeve shirts and shorts; long sleeve tops and pants; and pajama's.  I keep sweatshirts, coats, costumes, extra shoes, and a plastic tote of too big clothes in his closet.  My daughter has a lot of clothes: a plastic locker tote in the closet for all tops, a tote for out of season clothes, and one for too big clothes.  I hang her dresses and coats on the hang bar, while shoes are on the floor.  She has a plastic 3 drawer for: underwear; socks; swimsuits, tights, winter hats and gloves slipper socks.  Her dresser has one drawer for pajama's and two drawers for bottoms.  My husband and I share the closet in our bedroom and he has his own dresser in his room downstairs.  He doesn't really organize and he barely puts away his clothes, so I can't really talk about that.

This is what works for me and my family.  I am linking it up at works for me wednesday:

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