Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Making Improvement

When my car hit 100,000 miles.
So today I have done the dishes, and worked out for half an hour.  I returned the pens to Micheal's and plan to return the frame to Hobby Lobby.  I have done good on doing my daily chores of balancing checkbook, putting clothes from the laundry away, and cleaning the living and dining room.  Tonight I am going to a hip hop class and after I plan on cleaning both the bathrooms.  This will hopefully free up time on Thursday and Friday (no class, yeah!) to do some of my chores from Saturday so I can get other things done.  I hope to post soon about all the things I need to get done before Thanksgiving.

Today I am thankful for my husband who cooked dinner without me asking, my kids playing nicely while I write a post and the dollar in the mail from JD Power and Associate for me to take a survey.

So far my spending hasn't been too bad:
Friday: Costco $30
Saturday: $7 on Culver's ( I told you it is hard for me not to eat out on weekends)
Monday: $43 on gas

I didn't menu plan this week but so far we have had chicken alfredo from the freezer, tomato soup, and spagetti.  I plan on making some chili with cinnamin rolls, and something with chicken breast.  Hopefully I can keep winging it this week until I get inspired.

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