Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lesson Learned

My plan on Tuesday night was to make stuffed corn tortillas.  It calls for Masa harina, which says it is a yellow corn flour mix.  At the store it cost almost $5 for this bag, which was 4-5 lbs, but I didn't think I really needed one that big.  In the same section was the above pictured Quaker Corn meal, which says it is for baking and  breading, so I'm thinking same thing, cheaper price (cost $1.79 for 24 oz.).  Boy was I wrong.  Apparently they are made in two different ways, so you can not substitute one for the other (see this post for more info).  The mixture above would not form a dough or ball or any kind, so I tried making corn meal mush, a recipe found on the back.  I'm sorry to say that it wasn't very good even when I mixed in butter and syrup as suggested.  I ended up just throwing it out.  All I can say is "Now I know."

In addition to my fail in cooking yesterday, my husband and I put in a new bathroom faucet.  This cute little thing was only $28 at the Home Depot.  I wanted a bronze one but they start out at $88, so I settled for this one.  We really need to replace the old one since it had been dripping and a new aerator didn't do the trick.  Our water bill was up $10 from the previous month, which I attribute to this lovely drip, so this was a need.  The bad part was my husband couldn't fit under the sink so I had to help him.  I definitively recommend wearing goggles with this project, because when you are installing tiny debris falls on your face.  It should have been quick and easy but once I fit myself under the sink and got the faucet hooked up, my husband discovered the P-trap didn't fit to this new fixture.  Thankfully it only took one trip to the store to remedy the situation.  Now I will breath a sigh of relief: "AHHHHH"

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