Friday, February 10, 2012

29 Day Challenge Update 1

Today is the day to update your progress in Laura's, at Org Junkie, 29 Day Organizational Challenge. It hasn't been easy.  I tend to like to hold on to things.  Sometimes it's because it reminds me of my past, or I feel I am wasting money if I throw it out.  There have been some hours this week where I have just sat in the room and looked at all the stuff.  Why do I need all this stuff?  I am really going to use this?  If I'm going to keep it, where does it go?

If you are just finding me here are the previous post on this topic of the 29 Day Organizational Challenge:

Disclaimer:  I know it looks like I just moved most of this stuff around.  But I have gotten rid of one stuffed garbage bag and moved a lot of items to better homes.


North side
West side

East side

South side


  1. Great progress! Your picture notes show just how much you've accomplished already! I totally understand how a project can look like you're just shuffling stuff around in the beginning -- I call it the Storm Before the Calm.