Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clearing the Bed- Update 2

Before the challenge started.
So I thought it would be an interesting update to show you the progress of the bed in my room.  I wish I would of taken more pictures and I could have done a flip book style post, but I was busy cleaning.
Feb. 5th.
In this shot I was able to take all the toys off the end of the bed, and the chair had since moved to the left.  The other end has paper and things I needed to find a home.  It is hard to make a bed that is full of stuff.

Feb 10th
After I moved the other items off the bed, I moved the bed to a new location and was able to make the bed.  It is no Martha Stewart decor but trust me you will want that heavy sleeping bag if you stay down here.  Don't you think the Dora blanket and Christmas throw give it the right touch?

Feb 12th
Here I have added more items to the bed.  The 6 drawer units on the back I decided to return to Walmart.  My sister showed me the awesome book she ordered from Shutterfly, and it was awesome.  It is so much smaller than the homemade scrapbooks but it is about the same as my layouts.  3-D sticks and layers look nice, but I seems to not have the time to spend on elaborate pages.  I hope to wean down my scrapbook supplies in the next year and use that space for something else (or maybe even an empty space- GASP!).

Here is the bed today.  Clean and ready for a sleepover.  I tried it out the other night and it is quite cozy.  My laptop fit right on that bin next to it too.  I'm loving the transformation this room has already gone through.  I spend a lot of time in here this last weekend.  I had space to sew on my daughter's Girl Scout patches and I made a Valentine's day box for my son.  He wanted a round shaped Valentine's box like a Bakugan ball, and it turned out not too bad for those who knew what it was.
Bakugan ball V-day box.  The head/opening is on the left.  It is kinda snake looking.

Here is the closet area.  I really wanted to buy shelves to put in here and make it all nice and fancy, but then I found out a simple shelf system would cost $200.  That is with the shelves being on sale.

I would like to get rid of more games because I also have more games upstairs in the closet.  I really need to start a family game night so we actually play these games.  The top shelf is all coloring books and we have way too many so I need to weed through those as well.  That cardboard box has some big poster boards from when I worked.  The back side is blank so I reuse it for my kids projects and for making patterns.  I will move these under the bed before this is all done.
At least this area is cleared for the most part, and I will have to come up with more excuses not to exercise.

I can't wait for this summer to have this space to relax when the temperatures are high outside.

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  1. Looks fabulous! You can alays get inexpensive brackets and melamine or plyood at the hardware store--then you can put a nice curtain (or even a sheet) over it all if you want.

    You are making great progress.

  2. @Alana, great idea about covering up the closet with curtains. You might just see that next week.

  3. Thanks for all the support ladies. I worked on sorting my scrapbook area for about three hours today. Only 9 days left to go!