Friday, February 24, 2012

Update 3 of the 29 Organizational Challenge

First I would like to start with how I woke up to a winter wonderland this morning.  It rained, then snowed last night, so the snow stuck to just about everything.
That top little sign is usually a posted sign that says no parking during snow removal.  The one to the right is a stop sign and a street sign completely covered, and the bottom is street lights that you could barely make out what light was lit.  I almost missed the turn for my son's school because everything looked so different.  Thankfully it warmed up this afternoon and melted a lot of snow.  It was dangerous standing under trees today since big piles of snow where falling from them, and it was a windy day.

Now on to the update for Org's Organizational challenge.  

I really didn't feel like I got a lot done this week.  I'm having a hard time feeling much accomplishment.  Before I could say "Well, I had to work!"  Now it's like: "Where does the time go?  What did I do all day?"

Since the last post I have added the Girl Scout boxes to shelves #2, and added my scanner/printer.  I 
organized shelves #5 by organizing pictures and scrapbook stickers.  I put the majority of the scrapbook stickers in a binder, and the longer ones are in an envelope.  I added my year books to the book area and filled the filing cabinet.
Shelves #1- sewing supplies, ice cream bucket with Lowe's patches and Home Depot pins, sewing books, and fabric, t-shirts bought for craft projects
Shelves #2- top shelf: container of my art supplies I don't want kids to touch, container full of misc tape, my items I need for my PTA school supply fundraiser
second shelf from top: printer/scanner, copy paper, framed not from daughter given on mothers day, cup with daughter's birth info, candle daughter made at camp, and heart jewelry box from my sister's wedding, as well as one speaker for laptop
third shelf from top: 6 drawer bin with magnets, googly eyes, floss, interfacing, chalk and chalk holder, and pipe cleaners; some foam pieces, freezer paper, star stickers, soft pastels set, lego molds, empty coffee can
fourth shelf from top: foam pieces, empty TP rolls, empty egg carton, craft glue, baby socks, glitter, ribbon, stamps, parchment paper, glue stick and gun, scissor sharpener, craft kits, styrofoam eggs
fifth shelf from top: paint of all kinds, sequins, toothpicks, foam penguin kit, my daughter's shoe boxes of items: dried out moths & butterflies from class, and ornament she made for her grandma
Desk #3- holds sewing machine and knitting needles inside, usually has my laptop, pencils, pens, scissors and ruler in a cup with calculator and not pad,  under is my file box and bag with items I need to find a home for as well as magazines I need to read.
File cabinet #4- bottom drawer has files for keeping, top drawer has books inside, top of file slots has knick nacks, and I still need to label others
Shelves #5- top shelf: paper trimmers, two iron weights I found at first house, box of photos, scrapbook stickers, die-cuts, and some stencils for scrapbooking
second shelf from top: CDs, son's medals, scrapbook double side squares, albums used and unused
third shelf from top: scrapbook paper, more die-cuts, and a few 3-D stickers
fourth shelf from top: yearbooks, and a few other books, picture albums
fifth from top: the container on the left hold mostly my daughters items from school and artwork, the container on the left has items from my childhood and college days.

Today I went out and bought the bed skirt and bed risers for the guest bed.  I bought this duvet cover from Ikea years ago.  I love green, especially these spring shades.  It was a king size and I slipped it over the sleeping bag so it isn't a perfect fit but a major improvement.

This is what it looks like from the side.  I am going to try and find a 2" ribbon to add to the bottom of the bed skirt to cover the under area better.  Under the bed I have extra school/office type supplies, poster board and paper, recipe books, empty boxes to keep, and a yoga mat. 

By my elliptical I have a few items I need to give back to my mother.  In this pile by the door, I have a plastic locker full of movies, and piles of paper and misc items that need to find a home or be tossed out.  Hanging on the door is just an empty bag and an apron.

Last week Alana from Canada commented that I should cover up the closet with drapes or a sheet.  I thought that was awesome advice so I got a shower curtain rod from Target for $6.99 and I used a shower curtain I bought from Walmart on clearance years ago.  I bought 3 of these shower curtains and was using them as drapes in my living room for two years until I bought real curtains.  I plan to make some shorter curtains for the windows on the north side wall with the other shower curtains I still have, and add some insulated backing to keep out cold air.  I would like to add a boarder to this shower curtain to make it a better length and not use the rings.  The bulletin board next to this area still needs to be hung up along with the artwork.
Area #1- kids books of all kinds
Container #2- aluminum cans with scissors, glitter glue, paint brushes, pom poms, chalk, metal rings, rulers and pencil sharpeners, erasers, stamps, glass star beads, as well as giant pencils, note pads and an art smock.
Drawers #3- markers, crayons, and pencils/colored pencils
Container #4- old tax papers still needed
Shelf space #5- Tree House books, binders, box of cords, box of computer manuals and CDs
Shelves #6- board games and coloring books
Shelf #7- 3 drawer container with stickers, construction paper, and blank paper; boxes with beads and kids paints, plastic container with my son's work and coloring books

My son just walked into the room as I was finishing this post and said "Where did all the stuff go?"

Next week will be the final posting and I hope to have some side by side comparison shots of the areas.

I also got this book from the library.  It is full of great information and has a section about cleaning up the clutter in your house.  The title is The Money Saving Mom's Budget by Crystal Paine.  She is the creator of the website  I hope that with Org Junkies help and this book I can create a more organized life.  Reading books and blogs like these are the pep talks I need to keep me motivated.


  1. I also love the green colors. Bright and spring looking for an otherwise drab basement. It looks very nice. Keep it up and keep warm!

  2. Love how the green in the curtain picks up on the green in the comforter! How great is that? The area looks AMAZING! Well done!