Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Gift To Myself

Yesterday I went out and bought myself a Valentines gift.  My husband has been getting irritated with the fact of my phone dying anytime and anywhere.  I have a smart phone (Samsung Fascinate) and it takes a lot of energy to play games, Shopkick, and get my Checkpoints.  So I went and got myself an iPhone 4s.  I used some rewards from Best Buy and from Shopkick to get the phone cheaper, so that was a plus.  I'm also super excited with the fact that it has a really nice camera, front or back.  My Samsung's camera stopped working a couple of months ago, do to some memory card glitch.  Now I just need to figure this new phone out. All in all, Valentine's Day was a sucky day for me and I'm glad it's over.

If anyone has some tips on using an iPhone, I'm all ears!

So here is my afternoon in pictures:

I think it's cool you can see the birds nest in the trees.
The days are semi nice and the snow is melting.

The creek is running, yet there is still some ice holding on at some points.

I walked the .9 miles to school to pick up my daughter at school.

Here is to more sun shiny days!

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