Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Laundry- To Do or Not To Do

My scheduled laundry day is on Sunday.  I plan to wash all the dirty clothes except the clothes on our backs.  All the clean laundry gets put away and there will be empty laundry baskets for the coming week.
Since we had a birthday party this Sunday, I didn't get laundry done.  Monday I cleaned up from the party, and planned to do laundry, but somehow it didn't happen.
Today I finally did the laundry!  It took: 49 minutes, 58.4 seconds.  I thought I would time myself to see how long it would take.  The week before I put away my kids clothes and a basket of mine.  I still had another basket of mine and the towels that I didn't put away so I knew it would take awhile.  My clothes, the towels, and washed blankets seemed to be attacking each other in the laundry room, so I had to sort those out.  I put away 5 baskets of laundry and folded a 1 foot stack of blankets.  I'm so glad to be done :0 ).

Yesterday, I still found time to look around the Pinterest boards, and found a link about how Martha Stewart fold towels.  So since I was folding towels today, I decided to give it a try.  I have to tell you........it didn't work for me.  It made them more bulky and I need room to shove a lot of towels in a space because we don't reuse our towels a lot.

Here is my tutorial on how I fold towels:
Here you have the towel laid out.
Next fold the short ends together.
Then fold that side again in half

Now fold the top down in thirds, or...
....roll it up.

I like to roll my up and put them on a rack in my bathroom.
I bought this rack from Home Interiors ( now called Celebrating Home) at a party.  I used it in my kitchen for awhile but it really didn't fit anything, so it hung around the basement for a while.  After I saw people using wine racks fro towels storage I decided this would be the perfect thing to hold my towels.  Now I have a whole shelf to use in the linen closet which is outside the bathroom, and I don't have to leave the bathroom if I need a towel.

Now I'm off to see what else I can accomplish today.

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