Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Cleaning Challenge


See more about the challenge here.
I'm ready to win some prizes!  The cleaning officially starts on March 20, next Tuesday, and will end Thursday, April 5.  Here is my To-Do list:
  1. 1/2 bath: organize the cabinets and under the sink
  2. full bath: cabinet and under the sink
  3. hall closet: needs a complete overhaul
  4. kitchen: junk drawer, above island cabinets, baking cabinet, pots and pan storage
  5. toy room: need to get rid of 25%-50% of toys, organize Progress
  6. laundry room: holiday storage needs to be sorted out and organized, try to get rid of some Christmas decorations I don't use, go through and toss anything we don't need
  7. kid's rooms: get out toys, papers, and old clothes

This will be 17 days of cleaning.  I plan to have my rummage marked and ready to go for Easter so I can focus on these projects, since I will be bringing items to my sister's house for her rummage sale.  I wanted to have these things marked before my son's birthday but it just didn't happen.  I hate marking rummage, that will be another post.  My kids will be home for some of the time so I will get them to help with the toy room and their rooms.  I still haven't figured out how to get them to keep their areas clean.  I might need to get back to paying an allowance and maybe I will deduct when they don't get chores done or keep their areas clean.

Today since it is nice outside, my special task is going to be cleaning my car. Inside and out.

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