Friday, April 27, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Love Glee

Glee may seem cheesy to some people.  Is high school really that crazy?  Yes, I'm pretty sure it is these days, and probably worse.  I'm also sure there were some kids who sang and danced down the halls, but it isn't as nicely choreographed and people don't' move out of the way so all can have a good view of the show.  So I thought i would share ten reasons why I love glee, in no particular order:

1. It reminds me of my sophomore year in high school, math class and I got paired up with a hottie.  The song "Take My Breathe Away" popped into my head.
2. Puck is cute. (I'm only seven months older then him, so I'm not a perv.)
3. It has a little bit of every type of person in the show.
4. Watching it makes me grateful I've never worked with anyone like Sue Sylvester
5. It is so far from my reality, it helps me escape.
6. I feel like it is giving me a heads up for what my kids might go through in high school
7.  I can sing along, and I can't do that with any other show I watch
8. There isn't a lot of crude scenes with teenagers doing adult things
9. It has a lot of good cameo appearances
10. I think this show opens doors for a spin off like the Cosby show had with A Different World

None of these are more important reasons than getting the dishes done, but it is a lot more fun!

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