Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby Bash

I'm a loyal follower of Confessions of a Semi-domesticated Mama, and today she posted about a Baby Bash for another blogger. Alison.  This is a great idea (hosted by Ado, Stasha, and Erica) and so easy to do.  I'm definitely done having children with two kids (one boy, one girl), but I love when other people have babies.  It means that they will get to share in the joy of pregnancy (hopefully, I know I loved being pregnant), and the love and growth of a beautiful child.  To join, just link up at one of the host bloggers sites and post about these 3 prompts:

1. Write a post featuring your favorite baby photo and a quote about motherhood.

I love this picture because I think it shows my kids personalities the best.  My son is more serious and my daughter is a goof ball.

2. Pin your favorite baby shower gifts for me at Pinterest.

make it, love it
I think this would be an awesome gift.  Car seats can be so boring, so why not match them to your friend's taste or your car style.  She will always remember you when she puts her baby in the seat. Awwww.

3. Guess the baby’s birth date, length, and weight.

birth date: April 30. 2012
length: 21 1/2"
weight: 6lb 7 oz

Best Wishes to Alison!


  1. Thank you so much! The picture is awesomely cute and the quote, just perfect. The car seat is very pretty!!

    Thanks for playing!

    1. I'm glad you like them. I can't wait to see how close people got on the date, weight, and pounds.

  2. I have never seen the seat inserts before! what a neat idea. I love the yellow too, so bright and happy. As are your children! Your boy's face is priceless.
    Thank you for coming to the party! xo

  3. Love this - I haven't heard of that particular mommy quote ever and it's wonderful.
    Thank you for linking up and helping to celebrate Alison & Scrumplet!

  4. Thanks Ladies! You guys did a great job with the Link up, it was fun!

  5. That is an awesome photo. I can totally see their personalities shining through! And that car seat really is pretty cute.

    1. I'm going to make over my older kids car seat now that I saw this. My son would love a super hero pattern.

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