Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Spewings

Did you know Kathie Lee had a CD? Just one of my many adventures from this week.
I thought I would share with you some highlights (or lowlights) of my week.  Trying to hold myself accountable for my goals in life, as small as they are:

  • Saturday I got my treadmill and Sunday I went to go use it for the first time.  Then I noticed I didn't have the safety key and I left in in my Dad's van.  Luckily he hadn't left for home, three hours away.  So I made my husband go get it while I saved seats at my daughter's play.

  • I spent Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday building up my endurance of boredom of running on a treadmill.  I'm glad I didn't spend a lot of money on it.  When I run at home it is so easy to jump off and stop.  When I run outside, I have to run home otherwise I'm stuck.

  • Wednesday I got really lost on my way to the drug screening for my new job. I was out in the middle of nowhere and I think even my GPS was confused on how to get me back on track.

  • Wednesday night I texted my address to the wrong number when trying to sell my kids player off of Craigslist.  One number really makes a difference.  They didn't text back and I'm hoping they won't drive to my house either.

  • I got gas on Wednesday and Thursday it went down $.02. Which is what usually happens after I get gas. Next time I'll let you guys know when I get gas, then you'll know to get it the next day cheaper.

  • I ran around the lake on Thursday.  There was another lady speed walking, so I passed her.  But I do intervals so when I walked, she passed me.  But then it was time for me to run again so I had to pass her.  She probably thought I was a competitive b-otch, but really I was just trying to do my program.

  • Thursday I had a small chip in my windshield from who knows what that happened who know when.  It would have cost me about $55 to fix, but by the time I called insurance and made an appointment it cracked to larger than a dollar bill and cost me a $250 deductible.  Next time I know that little chips, pay out of pocket without insurance so I don't have to pay 5 times as much.

  • I went to Costco today.  It was sooooo busy.  I don't know how I'm going to be able to shop there once I have a job.  They really need to improve their hours.

Progress: I did change my pillow cases once this week.  I kinda lost them when my husband put his pants on top of the clean ones I had set aside.  I did decent with drinking water this week.  I'm trying a new deal with myself:  I have to drink 24 oz of water before I have glass of pop.  I really should not drink pop, but I'm addicted.  I'm not sure how many miles I have ran/walked this week.  Flossing could have gone better this week, and I usually do it if I go to bed at a decent hour.

M-$25 for son's t-ball pictures; $27.48 at Joanne's for fabric for a dress for my daughter; I took $20 out of the bank to pay my sister; paid $3 for my daughter to go to Girl Scout function to wear the dress
T- $0
W- $7.02, my husband and I went out to lunch to use a Groupon I had to use before it expired; $33.60 on gas
Th- surprisingly $0
F- $26.21 for Hy-Vee Chinese and generic Dr. Pepper, $250 deductible on windshield
S- $13.53, milk, eggs and gogurt for my son's snack at school
Total: $405.84

That is two weeks in a row when I spent more than I made.  I did have savings for the windshield and I sold my kids play set for $250 (how is that for a sad twist), so I kinda evened out on that deal.  I spent $46.76 on grocery so I was over budget there, but I was under for gas by $6.40.  It would have been better if I wouldn't have wussied out and bought the Chinese on Friday.  I did make pizza for lunch and made my own sauce, but it was really salty and was disappointing.  I have my grocery budgeted at $40 until the end of June, which is kinda low but I'm trying.  This is only going to be harder once I go back to work.

One more week till I start a 40 hour a week job.  I haven't done that since 2007 I believe.  Pray for me.

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