Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's a New Week

I think last week was pretty successful for me for the most part.  I didn't go over budget too much and didn't go out to eat.  I spent $41 in groceries, but I do owe my sister $10 for when we went to Costco and she paid.  I also was below my $40 in gas because I only spent $38.23, which it helped when my husband put gas in when I was out of town.  I also was able to run/walk 11.3 miles this week, and I actually did run all the run times on the schedule I set for my Friday run.  I did end up having to spend $6 on paint to make helmets for my daughter's play.  Next week is going to be harder because my daughter has play practice all week, but this is the week before performance.  I will need to make sure she has snacks to eat while there, but I do have granola bars and rice crispy bars on hand.

Some things I want to keep working on:
hydrating my face and changing pillow cases to keep my face clean
drinking water
not spending money excessively
cleaning and organizing (need to keep up with following Noni's ebook)
I need to make a chore chart and motivate kids again

I do have things I would like to spend money on especially when I get a job, in order of greatest importance to least:
New running shoes ~$100
Treadmill (used) ~ $100
Robot sweeper $130.00
George foreman grill $42.00

Since I have already paid and signed up for a marathon in the fall, the shoes and treadmill are on the top of my list.  I could really use a robot sweeper because I don't have any carpet and with a dog, my floors need to be swept every day.  This vacuum would save me some time and keep the house clean (let me know if you have any experience with these things).  I just kinda want a foreman grill because it slants and runs off fat, but maybe I can prop the griddle I have up and do the same thing.  Saturday night as soon as I started grilling the storm hit and I was outside in a complete downpour.  (Of course it stopped when I was done cooking, go figure.)

Tomorrow I have a lot to do:
get kids to and from school
put laundry away and tidy up living spaces
dishes and sweep floors
work 1 hour on rummage and misc clutter
son's t-ball practice
daughter's play practice
finish costumes for play
return items to store I don't need
wax my eyebrows
run 5 miles

We will have to see what I actually get done and what I decide I can put off for another day.

Money spent today: $0
Miles ran today: 0

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