Monday, May 7, 2012

Menu Plan Week 18

I'm changing up a few things for Monday and Tuesday since it was a crazy weekend.  My mom and dad came into town along with my great aunt, niece and nephew.  My kids and I also ran a 5K on Saturday morning and we had t-ball practice in the afternoon.  Sunday I was exhausted but I wrangled the family into cleaning the house and I also cooked up 20lb of ground beef for the freezer.  I also plan on going out of town next weekend, but I will need to make dinners for my husband to eat while I am gone.  So here is my menu plan for a crazy week:

Monday: grilled buttermilk chicken with grilled ears of corn
Tuesday: boneless pork ribs with corn
Wednesday: hot dogs and carrots
Thursday: tuna sandwiches with mac and cheese
Friday: hamburgers and tater tots
Breakfast- pancakes
Lunch- nuggets and fries
Dinner- chicken fried rice, fortune cookies
Breakfast- french toast
Lunch- pork chops with scalloped potatoes
Dinner-  Navajo tacos with chips and salsa
Monday: Noni's picnic sandwich, with cracker and cheese
Tuesday: spaghetti and cheese sticks

See more menu plans at Org

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