Monday, February 25, 2013

Christmas Savings Club- Open a Savings Account

I was kinda nervous to open an online account. I'm a visual person, I like to drive by my bank and be able to go in to see a vault door, where I'm pretty sure they keep my money safe and sound until I'm ready to withdrawal   An online account seems like I'm pretending, or the money is floating like a holograph never in my grasp. But, alas, I did open a SmartPig account. You save for a goal and then at the end you can withdrawal and even can get a bonus percent if you put it on a gift card. I thought this was a good way to save for Christmas,  it will just take some fore thought and organizing to make sure I get the cards and money in time. So I have put $163 in the account for Feb and will have $63 put in every month on the 25th until I reach my goal of $629. I also think I'm going to put the tax refund that we received in a Sallie Mae online account. The SmartPig account is getting 1% APY and Sallie Mae is at .95% APY.

Here are some links I used to help make my decision:
Money Talk News

Thanks to Family Balance Sheet for creating the monthly link up!


  1. You're doing awesome! Thanks for the Smart pig tip. I need to look into that.

  2. Looking forward into the year it is going to get tougher. I hope I get a raise at work!

  3. I really love your post.The way you start is really nice.I am also a person like you who want to go bank rather than making online transactions.Thank you so much for sharing such a nice post on
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    with us.

    1. Thanks for visiting! It has taken some time to have access to the money. I made sure that I have kept some money in a local savings just in case.