Monday, March 18, 2013

Keeping a Dog Off Your Clean Sofa

My sister actually told me this trick for how she makes sure her dog does not get up on the furniture when she is gone. Both our dogs are fairly well behaved ( I doubt any dog can resist from stealing meat within its reach), and I don't mind too much that my dog is on the furniture, but I want to keep it off most of my furniture so I don't wear it out from vacuuming. I bought the cheapest set of furniture I could find at the time, and I thought suede holds up but ours is pilling from wear and threads are sticking out of spots. I would really like to preserve it for a few more years till I can afford and find something I really like.  My dog is always looking for a comfy place to land since we removed the carpet, so I don't really blame her for wanting to sit on the sofa. To keep her off the love seat and the chair I put extra plastic lids on them, which are easy to remove and can store behind the furniture if needed. She can't remove them and it helps me to keep the furniture from all the pet hair. The only thing you need to remember is where you put the lid when you need one for your plastic box. I have extra lids from when my kids have broken the plastic boxes, so this is what I use. For the sofa I just make sure to have a blanket in place for her to sit down, and that I can easily throw in the washer weekly monthly before guest arrive.

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