Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Christmas Savings Club

Who can say no to that face?
I can't believe I didn't post this on time because I was super excited about it. I found $325 and it barely took any effort. My state has a website where you can find money that is yours that has been lost through moves or whatnot.  I saw an article about how a local school district is getting a huge chunk of change due to people not claiming their money.  I have checked this site before, after my brother in law saw my name in the paper that said I had money floating out there. That time it was from a paycheck I never cashed when I was banking bucks as a high schooler (crazy I know!).  This time I found $300 owed to my husband, we think from a deposit on a cell phone, and I had $25 from a credit card company. I have a crazy name so I spelled it a few ways and mine was under only a partial last name. It really is quite easy and doesn't take time to search. For the $300 we did need to get it notarized and you need to have proof of the address listed from the site. I just did a typed in a search engine my state and treasurer and I was able to see that other states also have online search, so search for every state you have made money or lived in to see if you are owed any cash. Also you can go through the NAUPA site to search.

Check out Family Balance Sheet for the monthly Christmas Saving Club post on the 25th of every month. to November.

So far I have saved $478 out of $629 for Christmas! Plus I have earned interest on this of a few dollars I will be able to buy myself a small snack while shopping!

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  1. I've heard of this, but I've never known anyone who was lucky enough to find money. Congrats! that is so I need to go check out this out for myself.