Thursday, August 1, 2013

10 People I'd Like to Meet

In no particular order:

1. Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser
2. Michelle Obama- I'm not a political person (shame on me), but she seems like a really cool lady.
3. Mickey Mouse- I've always want to go to Disney World
4. DaVinci- would love to watch him work
5.  L.L Cool J- I think his name says it all
6. my husband's family in Puerto Rico
7. Patricia Heaton (I would really like to meet the whole cast from The Middle because they are all great.)
8. my grandchildren (eons from now)
9. Marilyn Monroe- because she is an icon
10. Kelly Ripa- because she seems like fun

A lot of actresses on this list.  TV has always been my friend, so I guess that is the reason.  Although I don't have cable right now, I watch TV on the internet.  Not a very deeply thought out list but I believe in fate, so I will meet in life who I am meant to meet. Yes I know some people on this list are dead but I would have still liked to have met them if I could.  (Side note: Bob Harper and Michelle were in my town and I missed it due to lack of knowledge and fate.)

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