Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What If?

Sometimes life can be a little foggy.
Today was well visit check ups for my children. On the form there was a survey, they asked questions about the stress level of the household. How did I feel about parenting? What stress me out the most?  But when I was answering this questions, it was hard to answer them truthfully really. I do have my bad days, but I have some good weeks too. If I answered them one way, would I get a visit from D.H.S. or do they do anything at all?

There was recently a news story where a young mother had killed her young son and then killed herself. She was going through a divorce and had some mental health issues. Would someone who really needed help answer this questions truthfully? Having their children taken away would be devastating, so wouldn't they put on a brave front for anyone who they think would report their household as unstable. I know when I was using W.I.C., they also had a survey. They asked how many people in the household, am I married, how close do I live to family. At the time I was single and had no family in the area, and when they told me I rated low, it was scary. I felt good about where I was in life until it was rated, not that they seemed too concerned at the time either. I want to do more for those who feel alone and stressed, but I know it is hard for them to ask for help. I know I have times where I feel down, and at the moment it is hard to see good times ahead, yet they always come. I'm sure there are times when you have lifted someone's spirits without even knowing it. I always try to find the best in others because it is hard to know everything about someone, and they could be really hurting. It doesn't have to take a lot of effort, maybe just a smile or a listening ear to help another person who is hurting on the inside.

Gray skies are going to clear up.

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