Thursday, July 25, 2013

Working on My List

Chicks in a tub....kind of like a bucket?!

I thought it was about time I updated my bucket list to see what I still want to do in my 30's.

30 things to do in my thirties (in no particular order): 
1. lose 15lb 
so think at the time i thought i weighed 130 and i went to the doctor and weighed 139, which i am now back down closer to 130lb due to diet change so i'm still working on getting to a healthy weight. i would like to be 125 or even 120 if possible, since i am only 5'.
2. get out of debt
still working on this and need to do better. i did get a new job with a raise, yeah!
3. save a 10,000 or more in 401K
i had tried to rollover my 401K from my old job and i need to check in on that, but i'm not currently contributing due to debt and not planning to stay at my current job
4. visit somewhere south
5. visit Canada
6. run a marathon
i did run a half marathon in Oct 2012. not sure if my heart or body could take a full marathon but you never know so i'm not gonna cross this off yet.
7. graduate from college again
with my new job i really don't want more college debt but i could make more money. this will be determined in the summer of 2014. i need to start praying for the right answer now.
8. change careers
i didn't really want to but i do have a non retail job now. i was with a help desk for one year but have recently moved up to software tester so we will see what the future holds.
9. try a turducken
i tried Qua-Duc-Ant, which is quail in duck in pheasant with creole sausage and cajun seasoning. it was kinda greasy and too much spice for my taste.
10. take a hot air balloon ride
maybe this summer? i am afraid of height but it could be fun.
i have this book, and maybe when things slow down at work i can get to reading this one. i have been reading more with my new job and have read some good books in 2012.
12. remodel basement 
this one won't be for a while, more likely late 30's
13. live a more organized life
this is a far off dream, but you never know.
14. bike in Ragbri with my dad
he wants me to go this summer, but its not going to happen this year.
15. pay off student loans
i still have about $10,000 to go.
16. buy a Coach purse
still looking for the right one, at the right price
17. own jewelry from Tiffany & Co.
i need to create a wish list from this store.
18. have 50 Blog followers See a live theater performance
since I don't blog much, i'm over this one and want to just write when i feel an urge and post to try to help myself stay focused with meal plans, organizing, etc.
19. start golfing again
my son did say he wanted to try and golf so maybe we can do this together.
20. visit Disney World
my family has talked about doing this instead of christmas one year, but i think this will be in 5 years.
21. make lefse on my own
i did do this one, but it didn't turn out as thin as it should. next time i need to use better supplies.
22. learn to fillet a fish I caught
i know my dad can teach me this, so again maybe this summer. summer 2012 was the first time my husband fished which he did enjoy.
23. paint the rooms in my house/decorate my house
we painted a bathroom, and i discovered i hate painting, but my sister said she would come down because she likes to paint.
24. have a child graduate from high school
not a hard goal by any means but this one is scary. when I turn 39 my daughter will graduate high school.
will need to look more into this one. i was running out of things to add to my list, i guess i'm not much of a dreamer
26. meet/talk to someone famous
i checked to Adam Lambert when I worked retail. no, i literally checked him out. i rang up his purchase for him, but this was before i was 30 so i guess i need to find someone else. not quite sure how i will do this one.
    27. Volunteer on a regular basis.
28. go to an event on New Years with my Husband
29. make something for my house with wood
pinterest has inspired me a lot. this discussion could be in a future post.
30. go on a TV show
i was apparently craving attention when i made this list, but i will keep this one on here for now. i always wanted to be on a game show.

So I have done 3 out of 30, and to replace number 18 I'm going to add 18.See a Live Theater Show(besides my daughter's school play). I used to go to the the community theater with a friend in junior high. I always loved seeing plays like that, and I hope to see something like Cirque du Soleil.

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