Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Email Yourself A Site

If you find yourself looking on a computer that is not yours, and you want to save a site but can't here is an easy way to save the site if using about any browser:

 Go to the address bar and double left click on the address. Right click and select copy.
Open a new tab or window and go to your email account. Open a new message and address it to yourself, type in something in the address bar so you won't delete it, and then right click and paste in the body of the email. Click send and when you get home it will be waiting for you. I do this all the time, and here are the following links I have found:

simple lasagna recipe

crafty butterfly

reverse stencil scratch art

making kids clothes

glowing canvas

batman crochet hat and gloves

DIY comic book shoes

cajun season mix
cajun skillet

6 secrets of organized moms

Mu Shu Chicken

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