Wednesday, September 11, 2013

For the Love of Libraries

I love libraries. My dad used to take us as kids, and it blows my mind that my nieces and nephew barely go to my hometown library. It is an upgraded library from my early childhood. Yes I know it is downtown, but it has free parking.

 I have two memberships to libraries in my area. My metro area is a combination of small to medium sized towns, that all have a library. They all have their benefits. Here is my list of loves about the libraries in my area:
1. Free rental of books (obvious I know, but I seem to have to remind my kids: Why buy when we can get it for free!)
2. Free rental of video games.
3. Free rental of cake pans, great for birthday parties.
4. Free rental of movies, even Blue Rays.
5. Great place for non-profit meetings.
6. Free Digital Magazine through Zinio, plus downloadable music and books.
7. Free rental of CDs and audio books
8. Free online resources for research, even car repair
9. Contest for reading for kids and adults.
10. Other services provided by the library include adult and children’s programsopaque projector, faxing, color photocopier, home bound delivery, test proctoring, notary public, study rooms, and viewing/listening stations.

I love how libraries are keeping up with technology, even hosting classes to help you keep up on the times. Check out your local library for what they can offer, you might be surprised.

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