Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I found my Halloween costume! Just kidding. I always thought these shirts were so funny, but I've never actually worn one.

I love Bloglovin because it has a search button to find more blogs. I recently found the Diary of a Fat Mommy and she has a link up for weekly goals. I have been thinking I need to start setting goals, but I'm not a big person for consistency. I hope I can keep weekly goals that can turn in to habits. I'm going to try to not be over zealous and just have 3 goals for this week:

1. No more pop. I want to drink water and stay hydrated because my skin pays for it. I have a pitcher of lemon water in my fridge and tea bags at work. When I'm not drinking pop I usually refill my water bottle 3 times during the day and have a cup of tea.

2. Run 3 times a week. I have done this before, many times. I want to work on running a 5K with no problem and would love to do one in about 20 minutes. My current time is about 38 minutes. It is getting colder and darker sooner, and with kids activities, dinner and bedtime starting at 7pm, it is hard to run outside. I am going to try HIIT workouts on my treadmill to keep it interesting.

3. Get to bed by 10pm. I have been having the hardest time sleeping, and when I do sleep I wake up. I need to try to be more consistent with bed time, even on the weekend.

Link up Weekly Goals at Fitnasty for Life or Diary of a Fat Mommy.

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