Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Clear Cache

I have been watching Hulu on my treadmill, but sometimes I have trouble with the loading of videos. Hulu suggested clearing my cache. Before working as a help desk technician that trouble shoots computers, I had no idea what this meant.  To clear cache on Internet explorer:

Hit F12 or find the Tools, usually at the top of the screen, sometimes you have to hit the alt on the keyboard to make this appear. Then find F12 developer tools.

Ctrl + R or click Cache then Clear browser cache.. I also click Clear browser cache for this domain... and Clear session cookies, and Clear cookies for domain.

What is the Cache? Find out here.


First find Tools. If you don't see this right click with mouse at the top and click Menu Bar. Find and click Options.

Make sure you are on the Advanced Icon then click the Network tab. Select Clear Now on the Cached Web Content.

For Google chrome check out here, as I no longer have Chrome.

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