Monday, October 14, 2013

I Will Succeed.

Diary of a Fat Mommy
First I will start with a recap of last weeks goals:

1. No pop: I had a 95% success rate with no pop last week. Sunday we went to a hockey game and we got a deal: 4 seats, 4 hotdogs, 4 pops, and 4 coupons to subway. They only had 4 options of pop so I go diet coke. I drank half of the small cup and felt sick after. If only I can remember how I feel when I'm craving pop, like today when I was falling asleep typing at work! I went to McDonalds friday night and I did get a water there....for an extra 40 cents! It was Dasani bottled water.

2. 7,000 steps a day: If you go by average daily steps I did great: 8,794 steps a day. If we go by actually daily, there were two days Wednesday and Friday I was short. Wednesday I only did 3,815 because I didn't feel good and didn't want to exercise. Friday I worked and then drove that night so there wasn't much time to exercise. Both times I made up for it by doing over 10,000 steps the next day.

3. Bed by 10pm: 57% success rate. Thursday I didn't go to be till 10:30, can't even remember why, Friday I stayed up talking to my sister and getting my kids settled in after the long car ride, so bed by 11:30. Saturday I was in bed by 10:30. Not too bad considering there are some nights I would stay up on the weekend until 1 or 2 am doing nothing productive!

4. Dishes done every night: I'm going to say 100% on this one. Wednesday I didn't do two pans that my husband cooked pork chops on, but that was on purpose. If he is going to roll his eyes at me when I said he should have used tin foil to make it easier to clean, then he can clean up after himself.

This weeks goals:
1. No pop. I'm going to be in town this week, with no company so I will be carring my water bottle with me everywhere.

2. 8,000 steps a day. I would really like to have this be each day and not just an average.

3. Bed by 10pm. Sleep is important to weight loss.

4. Dishes done every night. Boy am I tired of doing dishes.

New Goal: 5. Get school lunches done night before.

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