Monday, October 7, 2013

Working on Goals

Husband's M&M bar cake. I never said I was a baker, (that hole was to test if it was done).
Last week I posted 3 goals to link up to The Diary of a Fat Mommy's Weekly Linkup. Here is how I did:

1.No more pop. I made 87% of this goal. Saturday I went out to eat on Saturday and ordered a meal. They gave me a cup and the only options I saw was water (I thought it would be a waste of money) or pop, so I got pop. After I filled my cup I saw the iced tea which would have been a better choice. I'm sure the best choice would be to not go out to eat, but my husband didn't go grocery shopping last week so we had barely any food at the house. I was out with my kids all morning and only had a yogurt for breakfast. After walking around for 3 hours I was starving.What do you get when you go out to eat?

2. I only ended up running once last week, making 33% of this goal. It was Wednesday. It has been a busy and rainy week. I have been tracking my steps on my phone and my total for the last 7 days, including today is 49625.

3. I didn't get to bed on time last Monday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. It was my husband's birthday on Saturday, so we were out celebrating. For this goal I made 43% of this goal.

Diary of a Fat mommy Weekly Goal Link Up Party
Here are my goals for this week are going to be the same plus add in another, so here are my edits plus one new goal:

1. No pop. I'm going out of town this weekend for my 5k. I know we will stop at least once for fast food so I need to figure out how am I going to handle this: just buy off the dollar menu and have water, get sweat iced tea (does this have high fructose corn syrup or other bad things in it?), can I swap pop for milk or juice (is juice at fast food any better than pop?)

2. 7,000 steps a day. This could include running or it could not. I did run a little on my treadmill tonight. I either need new shoes (well yes I know I need new running shoes) and/or I need to take some vitamin for joints again, as my knees are bothering me. It actually seems better to run outside even though my treadmill has a thick belt. I have so much to do at night that it is hard to get out before dark to run.

3. Bed by 10pm. My current routine is go to be about 10-10:30, toss and turn for what seems like forever, semi wake up a couple times a night. Alarm goes off at 6am and if I have stuff to do I get out of bed by 6:30, if not I stay in until 7am then rush to get us all out the door by 7:30am. I would like this to be: Bed by 10:00 asleep by 10:30 (see the bedtime calculator), wake up at 6am to do an ab workout and and easily get out the door by 7:15a.

4. Dishes done before bed. I tried to do this last week and I kept up except for the weekend, they seem to be my downfall. I want to start working on getting more chores done during the week, to do fun and projects on the weekend. I also want to have everyone help clean the house, not just me.

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  1. No pop is a hard goal-- but you came so close last week! I'd say water is definitely your best option, as sweet tea can contain A LOT of sugar!! (I used to work at an Outback Steakhouse... the amount of sugar in our sweet tea is actually disgusting). You sound like you have a good plan of attack for the week, best of luck and thanks for linking up! :)