Saturday, November 30, 2013

Advocare Links

I'm starting the 24 Day Challenge on Sunday. I'm super nervous so I have been searching for websites and bloggers who have been through it before. Here is a list of what I have bookmarked so far:

Life is a Run - Recipes and tips, she did a good job of describing exactly what she did for the challenge.
North Country Advocare -  This one hasn't been updated recently but has a lot of recipes.
24 day challenge bundle - Has some great printables, one is for eating out tips.
Clear Lake CrossFit - This is a manual with a measurement sheet.
the motivated momma - 24 days of recipes blog.
Time to Save - Advocare Recipes
Advocare Meal Journal - Only a few recipes, set up in 2012.
Jenny Collier - 24 recipes blog.
Advocare Runner -  This one is up to date, success stories, recipes and also after the challenge.
Beth 24 day challenge -  This one also is not up to date, but it is a success story and what she is taking from Advocare after the challenge.
Get You in Shape - 72 day challenge results for inspiration.
The Dish by Trish - Recipes and a few post from the challenge.
Trim Down Challenge -  Links and resources.
Choose the Challenge - Links and virtual coach, also a facebook page.

Good luck!

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