Friday, December 13, 2013

Advocare 24 Day Challenge - Day 12


1/2 hr before Breakfast: water with half Spark packet and Pill packet marked for before breakfast
Breakfast:  Advocare Shake with pill packet marked with breakfast
1/2 hr before Lunch: water with other half of Spark packet and pill packet marked before lunch
Lunch: turkey, lettuce, unsalted sunflower and walden farms french dressing; pill packet marked with lunch
 Dinner: lean steak (with some steak sauce cause it was dry), corn and broccoli 2 Omega Plex Pills
Snacks: almonds and banana


Bikini Body Mommy Day 12- Redo fit test from Day 1

                                                                  Day 1                                               Day 12
Speed Squats                                            37                                                     42
High Knees                                              59                                                     70
Push Ups                                                  10                                                     20
Squat Jumps                                             18                                                     23
Triceps Dips                                             20                                                     20
Bur-pees                                                     5                                                        8
Alternating Lunges (each leg, one set)    13 sets                                              14 sets
Elbow Plank                                            50 sec                                               50 sec

By squat jumps I was getting tired, as the results show. I think I could have done more triceps if I wasn't struggling to catch my breath. I hate burpees!

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