Monday, December 9, 2013

Advocare 24 Day Challenge - Day 9


1/2 hr before Breakfast: water with half Spark packet and Probiotic Restore
Breakfast: cutie (ran out of eggs) Fiber Drink (was supposed to start yesterday, Oops!)
1/2 hr before Lunch: water with other half of Spark packet
Lunch: chicken salad with Walden Farms Ranch and unsalted sesame seeds
Dinner: turkey with uncooked carrots; 2 Omega Plex Pills
Before Bed: 3 Herbal Cleanse pills (because I forgot the other day)
Snacks:rice cake with peanut butter 
Bikini Body day 9

December 11 is coming up which will end the cleanse phase (except I will keep taking the items I forgot), and start the Max phase so check your booklet for some major pills being taken.

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