Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Losing It

As already stated in my To Do 35 to 40 post, I need to work on losing weight. To leave it as just a goal of losing weight would be too vague and hard to measure. I need to break it down into more manageable task.

As you can see my weight has had a steady increase in the last year. This is a graph from myfitnesspal.com. I quit going to the gym in August. I really did like the gym that I was going to but it was also stressful. Juggling work, kids, and then scheduling the gym was overwhelming. I had to be really on top of everything I needed to do to be able to go to the gym and showed. I never got a handle on my eating, so I wasn't really losing weight, but I now know it was helpful to not pack on the pounds. My current BMI for someone barely 5' is putting me in the obese zone.

For a time at my new job we were walking and/or even running some days. Then we got busy and the weather wouldn't co-operate, and then we didn't even try. I would say the worst part about the midwest is the weather.

So to help me with my goal I have signed up for Profile by Sanford. They have a special going on until Jan 31 that one year of coaching is $99.  This also comes with a scale, that will link to your account. I will weigh in at home whenever I want and how often I want. I will have some items that I buy from them and some that are from a set list I buy from the grocery store. This is similar to what I know of the Medifast plan. When I compared the two it seemed like Profile was going to be cheaper, plus when I go talk with my coach I can get the food I need so no need to order.

The food won't be the greatest, but I seem to do well when I have a plan but it is hard for me to stick to it. I have a friend who started on it and said she liked it, plus my doctor also said she has had many patients lose weight on this program. She said the program works because they cut your carbs to almost nothing so it really jump starts the weight loss. I started by attending a Discovery Session, where I was able to ask questions. While I was there I was able to sample a few items. I figured I have lost more than $100 in the last few years trying different diet fads I didn't stick with, so what do I have to lose. I really want to stick with this for one year to see how it goes.

Tonight I had my first meeting with a coach, and did the official sign up session. For accountability purposes I plan to set aside one day of the week where I will update on this blog progress, and notes about how it is going and how I'm feeling.

I also found another Blogger, Meggan Carter, who has already finished her year, if you need a second opinion.

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