Thursday, January 5, 2017

To Do 35 to 40

Things I have done from my '30 during my 30's' list, so far from 30 to 35:

5. visit Canada
8. change careers
15. pay off student loans
16. buy a Coach purse
21. make lefse on my own
26. meet/talk to someone famous
27.volunteer on a regular basis ( at least 1/wk or 3-4 times a month)

Now that I am 35 I wanted to update the list, since life has changed so much in these last 5 years. Here are some that I am keeping from the last list:

1. Lose weight, not to be in the obese category for my height and weight.
2. Have at least $10,000 saved in retirement.
3. Remodel the basement.
4. Live a more organized life. Defined as having a place for everything and knowing what I have in this not a mansion house.
5. Make a wood project for my house.

Here are the other 18:
1. Go see the American Gothic house.
2. See Niagara Falls in Canada and US.
3. Visit Seattle, Washington
4. Meet Bobbie Bones, iheart radio personality.
5. Go to drive in movie
6. Read 25 books
7. Crochet something.
8. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant
9. See a MLB game
10. Take the family to The Resorts at Paws Up or similar vacation
11. Attend a murder mystery dinner
12. See Orca's Island 
13. Be part of the studio audience on a tv show
14. Go to an audience participation movie event
15. See a broadway musical
16. Buy a smoker
17. Dogsledding in MN
18. Return to the MN Renaissance fair.

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