Friday, January 27, 2017

Profile by Sanford Planning for Appointments

Today is my third appointment, as I am two weeks into losing weight on the Profile by Sanford plan. (I should disclose that these are not sponsored posts.) To make sure I don't over or under buy production, I have been planning the night before my appointment with my coach.

I count all items I have left, excluding what I will need for the day I meet with them. So first I set aside the items needed for one day: 1 morning shake, 1 shake or soup for lunch, 1 bar for a snack, and 1 shake for the after dinner snack. Then I record the remaining counts in my notes on my iPhone:

As you can see, I also record things I tried and didn't like as well as any questions I have for my coach. This is very helpful when I do my shopping in the store, and of course my coach will help me make sure I have everything I need. 

I also make sure to fold up my reusable bag to fold up in my purse so I get an extra $.50 my purchase. 

My next step in being more organized is to make sure I am keeping better track of my free items. I know I had a few too many yesterday: 4 cups of decaf with Walden farms creamer, sugar free jello, seasoning on my fish, Walden farms dressing on my lunch salad. Not too bad but I'm sure not helpful either. The days that I precook or plan out dinner are days that are easier to keep track of the free items. Unless you cook your veggies and meat with no seasoning, you would always use at least one free items for dinner.

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