Friday, February 24, 2017

Profile by Sanford 44 Days In Measurements

       I really thought my measurements would have gone down more since I have lost so much weight, but I haven't been exercising very much. This week my coach and I set a goal to exercise 4 times this next week to equal 150 min of exercise. I planned to do walking on the treadmill. Based on my measurements I think I need to work on my arms and thighs as well. I'm going to set a goal to do each of these twice a week as well:

I also didn't overspend this week, which is good. I figured so far food has cost $542.82, which is about $77.55/week or $10.64/day. This does not include all the cost of veggies and protein because I have a family of 4 who aren't on the plan. This is purely Profile food. I did try some more expensive items too: pizza $3.99, chips $1.59, Fiesta pasta $15.67/box. These prices reflect the 20% discount I get. I also get $.50 off for bringing my bag and I have a punch card for a free item when I buy certain products. I have already filled up one punch card, and I am on my second. Some people find it expensive but so far I am happy with my results and have find items I love.

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