Thursday, March 2, 2017

Profile By Sanford Week 7

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I was really disappointed by my inches numbers. I would like my chest to go down but want my hips to go down the most. I would really like to be skinnier on the bottom, but I know you can't necessarily control where your body takes fat from. I set a goal with my coach to exercise at least 4 times a week, and to try to get 150 min of exercise. It wasn't a busy week so I have been exercising every day and exceeded the time. Now to share my stats:

Starting Weight: 164.20 lb
Current Weight : 147 lb
Total Weight loss: 17.2 lb

Week 0-1 weight: 161.8 lb (-2.4 lb)
Week 1-2 weight: 157.40 lb (-4.4 lb)
Week 2-3 weight: 155.2 lb (-.2.2 lb)
Week 3-4 weight: 154.10 lb (-1.1 lb)
Week 4-5 weight: 151 lb (-3.1 lb)
Week 5-6 weight: 149.2 lb (-1.8 lb)
Week 6-7 weight: 147 lb (-2.2 lb)
Goal weight : 124 lb 

I see my coach tonight....getting closer to goal which might mean I change to the next phase soon.

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