Monday, March 27, 2017

Low Carb Profile By Sanford Plan

I have a plan to lower my carbs Monday thru Friday and to not track and pack in the carbs Sat and Sunday as part of an experiment to see if it helps me drop more weight.

I went through to see what Profile products have the least amount of total carbs, and here is my list:

25g Protein - creamy chicken soup : 7g total carbs,
15g Protein - refreshing strawberry kiwi drink & refreshing cranberry grape drink : 4g total carbs
                      cappuccino : 5g total carbs
10g Protein Bars - creamy Peanut Butter bars 18g total carbs

Just in Profile Products, total carbs would be 33 total carbs and add in 4 total carbs if you have the lemon iced tea fiber drink. Once you have 4 cups of veggies and your meal you can easily be over 60 carbs, and the article I found said to keep to 50 carbs. Unfortunately it didn't say net or total. 😒

At my appointment time, they did not have the creamy chicken soup so I went with the chicken and broccoli, which is 16g total carbs. I also got the refreshing cranberry grape drink, cappuccino, and lemon bars (19 total carbs). I plan on skipping the fiber drinks during the week. So total with Profile products will be 60 still. I figured 1 carb with the lemon bars won't make a difference if I do the PB bars, but maybe for the next week I will do PB. I thought about making my 25g be a 15g since those have fewer carbs, but I'm trying to stick to plan.

I didn't discuss with my coach because I wasn't sure what they would make of it, but I figure I am still sticking to the Profile plan. I see a lot on Facebook say they don't drink the fiber drink since it makes their stomach hurt.

I used Myfitnesspal to figure out carb amounts.

I plan to keep to 4 cups of veggies a day:
1 cup zucchini 4 carbs
1 cup raw cucumber 4 carbs
1 cup spinach 2 carbs
1 cup celery 3 carbs
1 cup Walmart Romaine salad blend 1 carb

Here are my dinner plans:

tomato tuna melt (2 carb meal)
dill chicken salad (2 carb meal)
 grilled turkey bacon with mushrooms, adding some Mrs Dash (depends on mush and Mrs Dash used)
chicken zoodles with salt and pepper (4 carb meal, 1 cup zucchini)

I hope to be within 10 pounds of my goal weight or 134 lbs by my appointment before Easter which I'm going to try to schedule Thursday April 13th. This gives me, as of last weigh in, 22 days to lose 8.6 lbs. This is about 3 pounds a week. Kinda a stretch but a good attempt at weight loss will make me feel better going into Easter. 🐰

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