Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Profile by Sanford Week 10

Starting Weight: 164.20 lb
Current Weight : 142.6 lb
Total Weight loss: 21.6 lb

Week 0-1 weight: 161.8 lb (-2.4 lb)
Week 1-2 weight: 157.40 lb (-4.4 lb)
Week 2-3 weight: 155.2 lb (-.2.2 lb)
Week 3-4 weight: 154.10 lb (-1.1 lb)
Week 4-5 weight: 151 lb (-3.1 lb)
Week 5-6 weight: 149.2 lb (-1.8 lb)
Week 6-7 weight: 147 lb (-2.2 lb)
Week 7-8 weight: 146 lb (-1 lb)
Week 8-9 weight: 144 lb (-2 lb)
Week 9-10 weight: 142.6 lb (-1.4 lb)
Goal weight : 124 lb 

I'm actually happy with the weight loss this week because I weighed in the other day and I was thinking I would only lose 1 lb this week. So close to being a lb and half. My goal is one pound a week to be realistic. I can't even imagine how much I will lose when I get to the next phase which should be about forever 9 more weeks.

I was looking up 'how to lose weight on ketosis' and came across an article at Live Strong.
It says to be 30-50g of carbs a day then 2 days of 100-200. With the Profile plan there is a surprising amount of carbs in the foods. This is more of a lazy ketosis plan. With the Profile items I had today that was 47 carbs and didn't include the carbs in dinner or other vegetable.

On my next appointment I am going to make sure I get as many of the lower carb foods: 25g protein chicken noodle soup (not always in stock), 15g protein cranberry grape drink, 10g pb bars, and 15g protein cappuccino. The sour cream oats are low in carbs but they also are more expensive. The pizza's are really high! I bought two last week.

I am still stressed out and having trouble sleeping which is flowing into my exercise. Since Lent started I have missed two days of exercise. One day was yesterday. I usually have time before bed but my den meeting went late and I came home and my husband had company. By the time I remembered to exercise it was way too late.

This weekend I also have training from 8-1 where they will be serving lunch and showing how to cook outdoors since it is outdoor leader training. Not sure how I will swing not tasting anything, but I've done it before I'm sure I can do it again.

Easter is going to be the toughest. Good Friday is a baseball game, which we will probably leave from there to my sister's house. There is always so much food, and not healthy food. I plan on bringing some dishes to share, and roasted veggies to fill me up. Three and half weeks to go before than so that isn't enough time for me to be on Adapt unless I can lose 2-3lb each week going forward, a very lofty goal. Then my coach would have to approve it as well. Seems like a tall order, so I'm not going to focus too much on that this week. 

My cravings have been strong to go out to eat and get something easy. I have some days when I'm fine, but then others I seem to starve every day. Most days I try to wait until 2:30pm for my bar, but it sounds so good I've been eating it early. I'm just trying to stay strong, eating at home, and remembering I want to lose so bad. It also helps when on the Facebook group, they say they end up throwing up when they cheat. 🙊 On to week 10!

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