Friday, May 19, 2017

Profile by Sanford Week 18 - Adapt Week 2

Current weight 131.4. I lost another .4 lbs. I have been going off  plan , eating some sweets and I had a drink during Mother's Day. I was actually up more than this after the weekend, but I was able to get down due to going back on plan. That makes me feel optimistic that I can do this longer than just when I'm getting coached. I just have to keep on track and not let it go over a 5 lb gain. I know I need to increase my exercising, and I am working on that. I have been doing 30 burpees a day, spread out by doing 10 before work and then 2 other sets of 10 before bed. I already feel myself getting stronger. I am going to make sure I have an upcoming appointment to get measured. We have less things scheduled coming up. I think I can stick to plan more till the end of the month. I'm looking forward to  my results next week, I hope to be down a whole pound. Once I loose another 1-2 pounds I can move to Adapt 2.

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